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Filling Sand


Filling sand is perfect for:

  • Trench Backfill: Provide stability and support to utility trenches by using filling sand as a backfill material, ensuring proper compaction and reducing settlement risks.
  • Landscaping Projects: Achieve level and uniform surfaces in landscape grading and contouring by using filling sand to fill depressions, trenches, and low-lying areas, creating a smooth and visually appealing landscape.
  • Construction Sites: Facilitate excavation and site preparation activities by using filling sand to fill voids, cavities, and excavated areas, optimizing safety and efficiency on the construction site.
  • Drainage Solutions: Improve water drainage and prevent soil erosion by using filling sand to fill drainage trenches, swales, and ditches, promoting proper water flow and management.

Filling Sand for sale in South Bend, Fort Wayne, Elkhart, Mishawaka, Goshen, Warsaw, Michigan City, LaPorte, Kokomo, Angola: Essential Sand for Your Filling Needs!


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Fill sand

Fill sand

$9.50 /ton


Fill sand is a versatile construction material renowned for its adaptability and widespread application in various projects. This finely graded sand serves as a foundational component, providing stability and support in construction endeavors ranging from landscaping to structural development.

It is commonly utilized in landscaping applications, serving as a base for gardens, pathways, and other outdoor features. Additionally, fill sand plays a crucial role in site preparation for structural construction, providing a stable foundation for buildings, roads, and utility installations, laying pavers or installing retaining walls. Its uniform particle size and compaction properties make it an indispensable resource for achieving optimal results in construction projects, ensuring durability and longevity.

Pit Run sand

Pit Run sand

$11.00 /ton


Also referred to as bank-run, pit run sand is excavated directly from our pits, remaining in its organic, raw, unprocessed state. May contain rocks or clay. This material hasn't undergone screening or washing. Its composition and characteristics vary depending on the location, potentially incorporating a diverse array of sizes and shapes. This naturally occurring base material is acquired straight from the ground, maintaining its innate properties.

Pit run sand serves mostly as a foundational material offering practical solutions for site initial preparation and development. Its raw nature makes it ideal for filling and leveling uneven terrain, backfilling trenches, creating embankments, or providing a stable base foundation for roads and buildings. With its affordability and adaptability, pit run sand stands as a reliable choice for construction projects seeking simplicity and efficiency in material selection.

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