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Soil for sale



Screened soil and top soil for sale with transport in Indiana

Screened soil, also known as landscaping soil, is a high-quality screened agricultural soil that is ideal for various landscaping tasks. The composition of the soil varies depending on where it is screened, meaning it can be more sandy, clayey, or humus-rich. In the screening area, the texture and composition of the soil can vary within a 5-meter radius and depending on the depth of the excavated layer. Additionally, screening locations vary throughout the year based on soil quality, availability, and location. When ordering natural soil, it should be noted that although there are quality controls in place and the soil is screened, smaller stones or old glass may inadvertently be excavated from the earth by large excavators, which can break during screening and therefore be spread over soil that was previously clean. Fortunately, such cases are rare - approximately one in every 50 loads. However, when ordering large quantities of soil, it should be considered that natural soil is not a completely ideal and clean product with additives like those sold in hardware stores in 5L-60L bags, priced almost the same as soil purchased by the ton directly from nature in its raw form. Customers are always welcome to inspect the soil themselves if desired.

Fill and dirt soil

Fill soil consists of excavated soil residue. The soil is unscreened and may contain more stones, plastic, branches, or glass stones compared to regular screened soil. It is denser than regular screened soil. Therefore, it is ideally suited for filling holes or raising the ground before sowing grass with landscaping soil. Fill soil may not always be available, so it is brought upon request.

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