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Gravel for sale

KillustikAggregateMarkets.com offers gravel sales along with gravel transport. Our product range includes coarse gravel, medium gravel, fine gravel, and granite gravel. You can also find the largest selection of granite and decorative stones in Indiana - choose from over 40 different colors and sizes!

Gravel is a construction material obtained through crushing and screening of rocks. Gravel is widely used worldwide, and in Indiana, gravel is mainly produced from limestone, with millions of cubic meters produced annually. Gravel is widely used as a base material in asphalt production, in the construction of sidewalks, squares, and foundations, and in construction work such as making concrete mixes. The choice of gravel is crucial, with gravel fraction or size playing a significant role. Larger gravel fractions are used in areas with heavier loads, while smaller fractions are more common in domestic conditions where there is no risk of subsidence.

Coarse Gravel
Coarse gravel is produced through crushing and screening of limestone rock. Coarse gravel is gravel with a size of 3-6cm, used as a base layer and filler in areas with high subsidence risk. From our product range, you can find coarse gravel with a fraction of 32-64mm.

Medium Gravel
Medium gravel is slightly finer than coarse gravel. Medium gravel is well-suited for building foundation pads, for rainwater drainage around the house, and as supportive fill material under pavements. From our product range, you can find medium gravel with a fraction of 16-32mm.

Fine Gravel
Fine gravel is suitable for use as a base material under pavements, is an important ingredient in concrete mixing, and in asphalt production. Fine gravel is used as a covering material in the construction of various squares or footpaths. From our product range, you can find fine gravel with fractions of 4-16mm and 8-16mm.

Granite Gravel
Granite gravel is highly durable and aesthetic, making it ideal for decorating green areas or creating various sidewalks and squares. Granite gravel is a reliable helper in landscaping work, as it creates a stable surface and gives landscaping a finished and aesthetic appearance. In winter conditions, granite gravel is also used to combat slippery roads. From our product range, you can choose granite gravel from 16 different colors and sizes.



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