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Small dump trucks & tipper trucks

Small tipper or otherwise refered as small dump truck is a tiny but reliable helper for transporting smaller quantities!

The small truck is a great and convenient solution for customers who need assistance with transporting various smaller quantities of construction materials or other materials. The advantages of the small tipper are primarily convenience, simplicity, and accuracy.

The 6-ton load capacity tipper is a smaller tipper by nature but allows for more extensive work and transportation of larger quantities. Its is suitable primarily when the nature of the work does not require the transportation of large quantities of material, but rather precise placement of the material and access to locations that are difficult to reach, where a larger tipper cannot access.

Why choose a smaller tipper?

  • Excellent maneuverability - Thanks to the vehicle's smaller dimensions and good maneuverability, the small tipper can easily access narrow spaces where it would be difficult or even impossible for a larger vehicle to reach.
  • Small quantities - Sometimes only a small quantity of a material may be needed, and transporting it with a large vehicle would not be practical and would be significantly more expensive than with a small tipper. Therefore, the small tipper is an ideal helper when it is necessary to transport a small quantity of material.
  • Light weight of the vehicle - Often, when using larger tippers, the soil/pavement can be damaged during work. Using a small tipper helps to avoid this problem.
  • Accuracy - With a small tipper, it is possible to transport very precise quantities, making the work maximally efficient by allowing the material to be tipped exactly where you want it. This often eliminates the need to manually carry or cart the material to the desired location.
  • Good access - One of the strengths of small tippers is that they can access restricted areas where big trucks are prohibited.
  • Cost-effective - Transporting with a small tipper is significantly cheaper and more economical compared to larger tippers!

Have you found the suitable solution for yourself?

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