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Limestone and gravel, stones and peas for sale in in Granger, Notre Dame, Munster, Crown Point, St. John, South Bend, Elkhart, Mishawaka, Goshen, and Warsaw: Discover the Perfect Aggregate for Your Project!

Elevate your outdoor spaces. Our gravel limestones, available in common fractions such as well as industry-standard sizes like #57 #11 #8 #2 cater to a wide range of landscaping needs:

Big Coarse Gravel (base-layer)

  • #2 Limestone - 1.5"-2.5" Ideal for backfilling retaining walls, pipe bedding, and landscaping accents.

Medium Gravel (mid-layer)

  • #8 Limestone - 3/4": Suited for pathways, walkways, and decorative features.
  • CAPP #8 Limestone - Same as #8 but certified. Excellent for driveway surfaces, parking areas, and ground cover.  Also used for backfilling retaining walls, pipe bedding, and landscaping accents due to its smaller size.

Smaller Gravel (top-layer) 

  • CAPP #11 Limestone is certified and comparable to #12 limestone. Perfect for asphalt mixes, pathways, driveways and also as decorative ground cover. Being slightly smaller than #8, it is often preferred for larger-scale applications such as road base construction and embankments where a more substantial material is needed.
  • QA #12 limestone is a type of crushed limestone aggregate that deviates from standard specifications outlined by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). Despite these deviations, it maintains quality assurance standards necessary for specialized applications in construction. QA #12 limestone is similarly to #11 commonly used in asphalt road construction due to its stability and durability. It also serves as a foundational material for site preparation and utility installations, providing reliable support for construction activities.

Limestone Rocksand / Chips

  • CAPP #9 Limestone is a certified small crushed limestone most often used as a leveling agent. Great for a top layer and leveling agent for patios, walkways or driveways. Promotes drainage. 

With dust/sand

  • #53 YELLOW Limestone - Dust to 1.5" comparable to #57 Gravel, used most often as a base layer for road building.
  • For sand options, QA Sand can be used for various purposes including construction, filling, and leveling, similar to gravel and limestone options but primarily for projects requiring a finer texture.

Gravel offers exceptional versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal, providing effective drainage, erosion control, and structural support for your outdoor environment. Whether you're constructing a driveway, installing a retaining wall, or enhancing your garden beds, our high-quality gravel stones serve as the ideal foundation for your landscaping endeavors. With convenient delivery options and competitive prices, transforming your landscape has never been easier.


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