Riprap & boulders


Introducing our range of riprap and boulders, essential elements for erosion control, landscaping, and decorative purposes. Each size offers unique benefits and applications, providing solutions for a variety of projects. Here's an overview of our products:

Riprap (2.5"-6"): Riprap, available in sizes ranging from 2.5 to 6 inches, is commonly used to stabilize slopes, shorelines, and riverbanks. Its angular shape and interlocking properties create a durable barrier against erosion caused by water flow. Riprap also provides habitat for aquatic life and helps maintain ecological balance in riparian zones.

Small Boulders (6"-14"): Small boulders, with sizes between 6 to 14 inches, are versatile landscaping elements suitable for accent features, garden borders, and retaining walls. These boulders add texture, dimension, and visual interest to outdoor spaces while offering functional benefits such as erosion control and soil retention.

Medium Boulders (13"-24"): Medium-sized boulders, ranging from 13 to 24 inches, make a statement in landscaping projects. They are ideal for creating focal points, natural seating areas, and water features. Their substantial size adds drama and character to gardens, parks, and commercial landscapes, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Large Boulders (25"+): Large boulders, measuring 25 inches and larger, command attention with their grandeur and scale. These majestic stones are perfect for anchoring landscape designs, establishing boundaries, and creating dramatic focal points. Whether used individually as specimen rocks or grouped to form rockeries, large boulders add a sense of permanence and majesty to any outdoor environment.

From erosion control along waterways to enhancing the beauty of outdoor spaces, our riprap and boulders offer durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Choose the right size and shape to meet your project requirements and transform your landscape with natural beauty and resilience.

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