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Screened sand

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Enhance your construction and landscaping projects with screened sand in Indiana South Bend, Elkhart, Mishawaka, Goshen, and Warsaw! Sourced from reputable suppliers and meticulously screened for quality, our screened sand offers consistency and reliability for a wide range of applications.

Screened sand is ideal for:

  • Concrete and Mortar Mixes: Achieve optimal strength and workability in your concrete and mortar mixes by using screened sand as a key ingredient, ensuring uniformity and cohesion.
  • Paver Installations: Create stable and level surfaces for paver installations by using screened sand as a base material, promoting proper alignment and interlocking for durable hardscapes.
  • Bedding Material: Provide a stable and supportive foundation for utility installations such as pipes and conduits by using screened sand as a bedding material, minimizing settling and displacement over time.
  • Beach Volleyball Courts: Create a safe and enjoyable playing surface for beach volleyball courts by using screened sand with fine particles and minimal impurities, offering excellent traction and cushioning.

With its versatility and reliability, screened sand is the perfect choice for construction and landscaping projects of all sizes.

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QA rock sand

$35.31 /ton

QA rock sand

QA sand represents a deviation from standard specifications set by regulatory bodies like the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). These Quality Assurance (QA) products, including QA sand, are tailored to meet specific construction needs while adhering to stringent quality assurance standards.

Product Application(s):

QA sand mostly used in asphalt production, where its quality and gradation contribute to the durability and performance of road surfaces. Additionally, QA sand is essential for site preparation, providing a stable foundation for construction activities such as paving, concrete work, and utility installations. Its consistent quality makes it a dependable choice for ensuring the success and longevity of construction projects.

23 Natural Course Sand

$18.19 /ton

23 Natural Course Sand

Natural Course Sand, also referred to as coarse sand, plays a pivotal role in an array of construction and landscaping endeavors. This variant, unlike finer sands, undergoes a thorough washing and screening process to achieve a larger grit size, catering to specific requirements.

Coarse Sand is an essential ingredient in concrete production, working in tandem with aggregate, water, and cement to yield top-notch ready-mix concrete. Additionally, its coarse nature makes it an optimal choice for bedding pipes and septic systems, ensuring stability and effective drainage.

Furthermore, Coarse Sand serves as an exemplary foundational material for concrete slabs or pavers, delivering robustness and support where needed. Its rough texture also renders it suitable for use as traction sand on roads and sidewalks, bolstering safety during wintry conditions.

Moreover, Coarse Sand proves versatile in landscaping projects, where it can be blended with topsoil and mulch to craft a premium top dressing material for nurturing lush lawns. Its adaptability and dependability position it as an indispensable asset across various construction and landscaping ventures.

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